Contribute Data

The Southcentral Alaska Science Catalog is continually seeking current and relevant geospatial and scientific data, reports, and maps. If you have data, maps or projects to share, please read through and answer the questions below to include with your inquiry/submission. Once you’ve answered the following questions, please contact the Catalog Coordinator to begin the submission process, providing as much information as possible. The Catalog Coordinator will then contact you with further questions and instructions, and collect your data for inclusion into the Catalog.

Data Submission Questions

  1. What type(s) of data do you want to contribute?

    Please describe what the data, map or project is. Southcentral Alaska Science Catalog will host data on a variety of topics including, but not limited to GIS, documents/reports, maps, land management, history, culture, scientific research etc. In addition to describing the data, please describe the file type(s) and size(s) you plan to contribute. This information will be used to determine if the submission will be included in the Catalog.

  2. Does the submission include current and complete metadata?

    Metadata is critical to helping others understand your data or project. Please provide details on metadata status, format and standard with your data submission. Unsure about what metadata is, or what it should look like? Please contact the Catalog Coordinator for assistance.

  3. When was the data collected/produced?

    Please provide start and end dates for data collection and publishing. This will help us organize the data and make it easy to locate within the Southcentral Alaska Science Catalog.

  4. What area does the data cover?

    Currently, the Southcentral Alaska Science Catalog accepts data, maps and project information from the Kenai Peninsula, surrounding regions, statewide (Alaska) and national data pertinent to the Kenai Peninsula and Southcentral Alaska. Please describe as best as possible, the location(s) for the data you are submitting, providing maps if available.

  5. Who created and/or manages the data?

    The Southcentral Alaska Science Catalog accepts data from many different sources including local/state/federal agencies, tribal governments/corporations, recreational groups, academic institutions etc. Knowing who produced the data will help us better organize it in our records and attribute the data correctly. Please identify the agency/group or individual that is responsible for the data, as well as any contact information.

  6. Why was the data collected?

    Please describe why the data, map or report was collected or produced, and why it should be included in the Southcentral Alaska Science Catalog.