Dr. Heidi Pearson

Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

Dr. Heidi Pearson is an Assistant Professor of Marine Biology at the University of Alaska - Southeast. Dr. Pearson received her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences. Dr. Pearson runs a lab and online blog called BREACH with stands for The Behavioral REsearch And eCosystem Health within UAS. This lab is focused on understanding the behavior and ecology of marine mammals, and their role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Current projects include:

  • examining the role that female social behavior played in the evolution of complex cognition and large brains in cetaceans and primates
  • assessing the effects of climate change and marine farming on dusky dolphins in New Zealand
  • determining the effects of sea otter recolonization on kelp forests in Southeast Alaska.

  • As humans are also integral components of healthy ecosystems, Dr. Pearson also studies environmental behaviors in people, such as recycling and whale watching. You can read more about BREACH here.

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