Dr. Srijan Aggarwal

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Srijan Aggarwal is an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alaska - Fairbanks. Dr. Aggarwal received his Ph.D. in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Aggarwal’s general research interests are in the area of environmental biotechnology, efficient water/wastewater treatment and biofilm processes in environmental systems. Biofilms are microbial communities immobilized on moist surfaces, and represent the bulk (>99%) of microbial population in natural ecosystems as well as in engineered systems (e.g., drinking water distribution system). His prior research has been specifically related to biofilm mechanics and biofilm processes in the context of drinking water/wastewater treatment systems. Dr. Aggarwal also has experience in computational modeling of atmospheric nanoparticle pollution (termed ultra-fine particulate [UFPs]).

To contact Dr. Aggarwal, please email him at saggarwal@alaska.edu or at 907-474-6120

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