Dr. Anne Beaudreau

Assistant Professor

Dr. Anne Beaudreau is an Assistant Professor with the University of Alaska Fairbanks in the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences. Dr. Beaudreau received her Ph.D. in Fisheries from the University of Washington. Her research focuses on ecological questions that are relevant to fishery management and conservation, from the biology and ecology of fishes to human dimensions in fisheries. She is primarily interested in the roles of predation and fishing in marine ecosystems and the ecological responses of marine communities to environmental change across multiple scales.

For more information about the research Dr. Beaudreau and her students are doing, please visit her website.

Current Research Projects

  • Linkages between habitat quality and productivity of Afognak Lake sockeye salmon
  • Tracking energy flow to fishes in glacially-influenced estuaries of Southeast Alaska
  • Social and ecological change in Alaskan sport and subsistence halibut fisheries
  • Seasonal and ontogenetic patterns of resource use by juvenile sablefish in Southeast Alaska
  • Climate effects on fish communities along the U.S. west coast
  • Reconstructing historical trends in marine species abundance from local ecological knowledge
  • You can reach Dr. Anne Beaudreau at abeaudreau@alaska.edu or at 907-796-5454

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